PDF Guru Pro: Edit & Read PDF App Comentários

Not working!

This app is not working at all. I would like a full refund. thank you

No Editing Functionality

I puchased this app with the intention to have the ability to edit PDF docs. I am not able to edit my documents at all. I would like a full refund. This does not benefit me at all.



FIRST CLASS piece of junk.

Does not work as adverted. I want full refund. Developer should have the daylights slapped out of him for thinking this is a worthy app. Developer is a crook!

Not working as expected

This app is not working as I expected, I would like a cancelation of this order and a full refund. Please note that this purchase was done 20 min ago. Thank you

Keeps crashing

It’s a good concept, but the application consistently crashes, making it useless.

Will Not Save Edits

Does not save edited PDF files. Loses all the editing. Only the original pre-edited file is save without the added edits. Have asked for a refund.

please improve the shortcut keys for editing

The shortcut keys for editing are not conveniently arranged, and if the developer can improve to set personal shortcut keys that will be great. Sometimes the app will shut down specifically when opening certain pdfs. But most of the time, it is a great app for reading.

The Saving issue. Very AWEFUL !!

It does not Save properly. I would change it to 5 stars. if the developer fixed that issue . (Yosemite interface)!!!

problems with Yosemite

It works well except after updating to Yosemite, it quits automatically when closing a tab. Hope fixed quicker.

THis doesnt save correctly

O.k, so I saved my writing three times, without anything selected, but nothing saved. This has happened ike 40 times before, and I have had this problem too much. Also, sometimes when I try to draw a circle or square, the program crashes and deletes all the data. Work on it PLZ!! Other than that it’s great. :/ Probably worth the 15$ though. its certainly the cheapest Ive seen.

Great, not perfect.

Good app, but preferred how non-Pro highlighted, over Pro. Wouldn’t have noticed had I not used it before, but does affect my view of the app, since that is primarily what I use.

Great program, just not wokring

Downloaded this for taking notes in class and loved it. Easier and smoother to use than any other PDF reader I have used so far. Only problem with it so far is that since updating to OS X Yosemite, the program closes anytime I try to open a file. Pther than that, the program is great. Hopefully this issue gets fixed before Yosemite get fully released though.

The only PDF reader I use

Most of my study materals are in PDF format and this PDF reader has been a great fit, the annotation toolbox is easy to figure out and use, it scrolls large documents smoothly and clearly and the interface is much more clean and streamlined than Adobe Reader.

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